Exmouth Royal Marines Association – Rules

To be read in conjunction with the Rules of the Royal Marines Association (RMA) 19th series – September 2007


The name of the Branch is: Royal Marines Association Exmouth Branch.


The objectives of the Branch are those as defined within the RMA Rule Book.
To maintain and promote “esprit de corps” and comradeship among all Royal Marines, to keep in touch with one another and with the activities of the Corps by the formation of Branches at home and overseas and in furtherance of these main objects to:

a. Advise Royal Marines on any subject on which information is sought.
b. To investigate for consideration by the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust or other appropriate organisation, any case of hardship or distress in which financial assistance is sought or recommended.
c. To establish and maintain contact with all other organisations that concern themselves with the welfare of the Armed Forces to ensure that due consideration is given to the claims of Royal Marines.


Exmouth Branch monthly meetings will be held on the second (2nd) Thursday of each month at Police Klub Rolle St Exmouth.
Meetings will commence at 1930 hours.

All members of the RMA who are not a member of the Police Klub are reminded that they are guests of the Police Klub and its rules and traditions are to be respected.

The Officers of RMA Exmouth Branch shall consist of a President. Chairman. Secretary and Treasurer

The management of the Branch will be entrusted to a Committee consisting of:
President (non-voting). Chairman. Vice chairman. Secretary. Treasurer. Membership Secretary and two (2) other members of the Branch.
Those members of the Branch entitled to vote under Rule 14 will elect these annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The committee will meet at least once per month and at any such other time as the Chairman shall determine and at all meetings of the committee, five (5) shall form a quorum.

The committee shall have power at any time and from time to time to fill any casual vacancy among Officers and the committee. Any Officer or member so appointed shall hold office only until the following AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.

The committee shall have power at any time and from time to time to select or call for volunteers to be selected to form a sub-committee to organise and administer any specific function or event as and when required. Those nominated would be voted in by a show of hands for the duration of the required period.

A proposition book is to be maintained by the Branch Secretary. Members wishing to submit a proposition for consideration at the ensuing monthly meeting are to ensure that details are forwarded to the Secretary, at least one (1) week beforehand.

Every applicant for membership shall be proposed and seconded by a member of the Branch. An application form, including a passport photograph and evidence of service within the Royal Marines or any other British Armed Force, shall be communicated in writing to the Membership Secretary for due consideration by the Management Committee.

The annual subscription period is from 1 April to 31 March. All members of the Exmouth Branch who have not contributed to the Central Roll shall pay an annual subscription as agreed at the AGM. This fee is at present:

a. RMA Annual fee-£10 under 65. £5over 65. Nil fee Life member or over 85
b. Branch fee increase from £2.50 to £5.
c. Widows no change. Hon members no fee but if they wish to donate is will be up to individuals.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of membership fees the Branch shall pay an affiliation fee to Central Funds of £10.00 per subscribing member.

All new members will be required to pay an enrolment fee of £1.00 on joining to cover administrative costs.

Admission of RMA members to the Police Klub premises shall be on the production of a current Police Klub or RMA member’s card. This will be required at monthly meetings or any additional meeting / function as authorised with the consent of the Police Klub Management Committee.

No money or property of the Branch or any gain arising from the administration
of the Branch shall be applied otherwise than for the benefit of the Branch as a whole.

Full financial accounts of the Branch affairs are to be duly audited by two (2) members of the Branch. Once audited the accounts are to be submitted at the AGM for due consideration by the members.

An AGM of the RMA Exmouth Branch shall be in April each year and fifteen (15) months shall not elapse without a General Meeting.

At least fourteen (14) days notice shall be given to all members stating the business to be transacted at such meeting. The business to be conducted shall include:
a. The presentation and (if accepted) the passing of the accounts for the previous financial year ending on the last day of March prior to the meeting. These accounts shall first have been audited as per rule 12.
b. The election of Branch Officers and Committee.
c. Such other business as shall have been communicated to the Branch Secretary and included in the notice of the meeting.

Notice shall be given in writing to the Branch Secretary ONE MONTH before the date of the AGM of all resolutions, propositions and amendments to the rules to be discussed at the meeting, together with all nominations for Officers of which the appointments are made at the AGM.

At all meetings of the Branch each subscribing Full or Associate member will have one (1) vote.

Should the committee propose to expel any member of the Branch because in its’ opinion his/her conduct renders him/her unfit for membership, the Secretary
shall give him/her seven (7) days written notice to attend a meeting of the committee and shall inform him/her of the complaint made against him/her.
No member shall be expelled without first having the opportunity of appearing before the committee and answering the complaint.
He/she may appeal against the decision of the committee to a board of Enquiry of five (5) members who shall not be members of the committee.

No alterations or additions to these rules shall be made except by a resolution carried by a majority of at least two (2) thirds of the members present at a General meeting. A notice of which shall have contained particulars of the proposed alteration or addition.

The Management Committee is given delegated powers to authorise a sum not exceeding £50 in any one (1) calendar month for expenses incurred by the committee:

a. Members in the execution of their duties.
b. Representing the Branch at RMA functions
c. The purchase of floral tributes i.e. presentations £25.
d. The purchase of floral tributes/ donation i.e. Funeral £50.00
e. The purchase of a one (1) off welfare pack i.e. Hospital £15
f. As authorised by the Management Committee

The Royal Marines Association has a limited set of sponsorship rules within the organisation. It is suggested though that the Exmouth Branch set out its’ own rules and guidelines in conjunction with Central Office with which the Branch Committee should work to when sponsorship is offered or suggested. It should also be considered that the Exmouth Branch might wish to sponsor an event or activity of its own at some stage.

Sponsorship should be defined as a contribution of money or goods by a business or individual in exchange for commercial benefit.


The Exmouth Branch, RMA would seek or accept sponsorship in order to:

1. Enhance the quality of events or activities for the benefit of its members.
2. Increase the financial sustainability of an event or activity.
3. Gain additional benefits for members, which would otherwise not be available.

The Exmouth Branch RMA will always seek to ensure the confidentiality of member’s records. Under no circumstances will the branch provide access to member’s records or branch databases.


1. Sponsorship must not imply endorsement of any company, service or product by the Exmouth Branch RMA.

2. The acceptance of sponsorship must not be regarded by businesses as a means of gaining favourable advantage.

3. Sponsorship must be relevant to the needs and interests of Exmouth Branch RMA.

4. The potential sponsor must not be engaged in the manufacture, distribution or sale or promotion of inappropriate products or services.

5. The sponsor shall receive publicity for their sponsorship at a level discussed within the committee prior to the event or activity-taking place.

6. The committee shall decide upon all requests from potential sponsors as to the level and quality of sponsorship suggested. The decision of the committee shall be final.

The main criteria to be considered when accepting sponsorship are, that it must be fair to the business requesting it and to the Exmouth Branch of the RMA. The needs of the Branch must be paramount.