Branch Minutes

Exmouth Branch the Royal Marines Association


Liam Kelleher



Dennis Gover






19.30 hrs with 36 members present and 1 visitor Dave Perkins who recently moved down from North Devon & was a member of the Branch there.

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

Loyal toasts were taken.


Apologies were received from 9 members



The minutes of the last meeting were published and placed on the Notice Board.

A member asked what the numbers were for members who hadn’t paid the annual subscription fee. Graham reported that there are a total of 162 members on the list & to date 98 have paid the fee. He has sent emails to those members that haven’t paid to ask if they still wish to remain as members. He is waiting for replies.

The Chairman asked for a proposer for the minutes to be accepted, Roy Davis proposed & Roy Wilson seconded. It was carried unanimously.

Secretary’s Report


Kate has received an email from Roy Davis ref a letter from Exmouth Town Council and signed from Councillor Steve Gazzard the Town Mayor thanking him for the hospitality on Beat Retreat and saying how much he enjoyed the evening.

The next Diner’s Night is on 21st September at The Imperial Hotel. Tickets are £15 for a 2 course meal and it will be in the form of a hot buffet.

The list of Dates for the Diary is on the Notice Board.

Treasurer Report


Sparky read out the Branch Current Finances to date.

Balance as at 31/08/2019

Account                                      Balance                                  year movement



Current ACC           7705.44                                                        – 1039.23

Petty cash                  61.93       .                                                  – 70.77

Armed Forces Day                       -381.86                                       -193.06

RMA Collections                         -2136.71                1522.08

Graspan                     00.00                                       66.00

Diners Club                                  – 558.41                     0.37

Benevolence Fund                       – 457.66                  373.55

GPF                                           -4232.73                                   -658.94

7767.37       -7767.37               1962.00       -1962.00

Membership rep


The Members rep asked for all new members to see him after the meeting.

Welfare Rep


Frank reported that Mac McKenzie was now much better & in fact was present at the meeting.

Frank has a 4-wheel walker for anyone that would like to borrow it and Sparky has the wheelchair.


Globe and Laurel


Mike says that the report is in this edition of the next magazine which is now out. The deadline for the next magazine is sometime in September. Any stories or ditties are welcome.



Mentors Rep


Roy said that the Camp was going on Summer Leave on Friday 9th August. They are still desperate for mentors and if no-one can help the practice of mentoring may have to be abandoned.


Fund Raiser


Harry wasn’t present but Roy reported that Harry needs 2 volunteers for the 2-4 pm slots at the Tesco fund raiser on Saturday17th. Two members volunteered to cover the slots.



Clive is currently away on holiday.


Chairman’s Report


Dennis reported that Families weekend is on 13/14/15 September. The Klub will be open on the Friday and there will be a raffle and food available.

At the committee meeting last week, it was discussed about having a Social Secretary   as we do have quite a busy social side and it means that we could add more to our social calendar. Dennis asked for any volunteers to take on this role.

There is a Corps Birthday Dinner in October & details will be spoken about at next month’s meeting.

There are quite a few names on the Armed Forces Day Committee already and Dennis asked all those volunteers to stay behind after this meeting has closed.



There were two propositions.

Proposition No. 269 which is for the sum not to exceed £10 be confirmed as the new subscription fee as from January 2020. Proposed by Roy Davis & seconded by Steve Peake. Roy stated that as the fee had been £5 per year for the past several years, that increasing it to £10 was not too much to ask. Steve Peake reiterated that the rise is overdue & was very reasonable. The Chairman informed everyone that whilst we are all happy for the increase, he has been told that it cannot happen until the next AGM and asked Sparky to look into it to confirm. So it was unable to be voted on until it was confirmed.

Proposition No. 270 is for the sum not exceeding £75 for 4 x crates of beer or lager be donated to the RM Band as a thank you from the Branch for their continued support.

It was proposed by Roy Davis and seconded by Steve Peake. Roy reported that the Band were very supportive of the Branch and that they donate money for our GPF so it is only fitting to repay them. Steve Peake also said that maybe a bottle of port could be added & that also as there are girls in the Band that maybe cider & wine be also added. All were in favour.


Any Other Business.


Roy Davis thanked everybody that came & supported the Open-Air Concert & said it was a great success.

A member asked about the collection boxes that were mentioned at the last meeting as they were being mixed up with the Royal Marines Charity/RMA. The President spoke to Phil Gilbey & it was confirmed that the boxes will come to the Branch.

The timetable for the Corps Families Day was detailed as follows;

On Saturday there are rubgy & football matches between RM Veterans & RN Veterans both on the top playing fields and there will be burgers and a bar with free soft drinks for children.

On the Parade Ground there are displays, food & a bar. The Band will be playing and at 1930 the Band will play sunset, finished about 2000. The Sergeant’s & Officers Messes will be open in the evening with buffets, etc.

On Sunday there will be the Parade.

There are volunteers needed for stewards for The Commando Challenge which is on 12/13 October starting at 0730. It was suggested that the Branch should support this event. All help is much appreciated.

Kate mentioned that there is an Army Doctor, Lt Col Mayer that is an orthopaedic surgeon in Oswestry who will do hip & knee replacements for veterans which GPs will happily, refer to him.

There was no other business.

The meeting closed at 2012 hrs


Next Committee Meeting:   Thursday 5th September 2019 at 19.30

Next Branch:                     Thursday 12th September 2019 at 19.30.

Dennis Gover                                                            Kate Coe & Biddy Drew

Branch Chairman                                                       Branch Secretaries

07594604397                                                              07761116240 & 07979857219


Frank Black