Branch Minutes

Exmouth Branch the Royal Marines Association


Liam Kelleher


Dennis Gover


The meeting opened at 1940 hrs with 36 members present

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

Loyal toasts were taken.

There were apologies from 14 members.

The minutes from the last meeting have been posted on the notice board. There were no matters arising from them. The Chairman asked for a proposer and Brian Barker proposed & Russ Williams seconded. Carried unanimously.


Kate reported that she has been having problems with emails & her PC & the nominal list that she held with all members details & email addresses had been wiped so she asked members if they had been receiving her emails. Most members present had received them. She has now written out another nominal list.

Treasurer Report

Sparky is still away on holiday so Dennis Govier read out the Current Branch Finances from February.:.

Account Balance Year Movement

Coach Company 203.00 0.00

Current ACC 9,190.55 929.43

Petty cash 213.70 . 0.00

Armed Forces Day 381.86 0.00

RMA Collections 2,382.98 629.43 Graspan Parade -1,000.00 0.00

Diners Club 248.41 0.00

Benevolence Fund 591.10 30.00

GPF 5,002.90 -300.00

9,607.25 9,607.25 929.43 929.43

Membership rep

Graham said that he had lots of Direct Debit forms & asked members if they are paying their donations if they could sign the Gift Aid part of the forms so that it would generate more funds for the Charity. Donations do not need to be paid by Direct Debit.

Welfare Rep

Frank said there was nothing to report apart from that 6 members attended the funeral of the wife of Jock Robertson (& although not a member, he comes to the Klub every Thursday) The family were very grateful for their attendance.

Globe and Laurel

Mike said that he has posted the last Branch Report that was published in the February edition on the notice board. As always, any dits, funny stories, etc are very welcomed.


Mike mentioned that things are moving very slowly with the mentoring. There is a meeting next Wednesday to discuss the mentoring & it will hopefully start to move after Easter. There are 6 mentors from this branch & another 3 have put themselves forward. It should start after 2 May when the troop intake will begin every fortnight. New mentors are still needed so any volunteers please see Mike.

Fund Raiser/Charity

Harry had nothing to report


Dennis reported that anyone wishing to go on Graspan parade should contact Sylvia Evans who is organising it ASAP & the cut off date is March 25th. At present there aren’t many attending.

There will be a Cheese & Wine evening on Saturday 26 March. The event is free and we are inviting Police Klub members & they will be asked for a donation on the door. Volunteers will be asked to help serve the wine.

Dennis asked if members would clear the tables & chairs away after the meetings.

AGM will take place at the April meeting. Frank will be stepping down as Welfare

Rep so a volunteer is needed for this post.


There is one proposition in the book that the sum of £500 not exceeding be put aside for the cheese & wine evening on 26 March. Proposed by Dennis Gover & Seconded by Frank Black. There will also be a raffle. All were in favour.

Any Other Business

Roy Davies said there is a band concert sometime soon & as soon as it is confirmned, Roy will let us know.

He also reported that if anyone wanted any free wood-chips for their garden, there was piles of it at A La Ronde which is free & to help themselves.

Mark Kay reported that he will be updating the website & if anyone has anything for it, to let him know & he will add it to the website.

There was no other business.

The meeting closed at 1948.

The next Branch meeting is: Thursday 14th April at 1930 which will be the AGM

Dennis Gover Kate Coe & Biddy Drew

Branch Chairman Branch Secretaries

07594604397 07761116240 & 07979857219

Frank Black